How to Delete Your Reddit Account at Will

How to Delete Your Reddit Account at Will

Reddit is the most well-known social media platform for its informative content and lively discussions. It provides detailed instructions for closing your account permanently and deleting all your posts to be removed from the site entirely.

Due to the privacy concerns of previous concerns, Reddit may be a complex and complicated digital experience. Some users have expressed concern about social media platforms such as Reddit due to the fact that they have shared the data of users with third parties. Numerous companies have work to complete, even as GDPR compliance has helped to address these issues. Reddit doesn’t widely promote the possibility to disable data sharing in the profile settings.

Millions of people visit the vast online platform Reddit each month. After the presidential election of 2016 Steve Huffman, the CEO of Reddit, caused controversy after he switched his username to an opponent’s username, and involved Trump manipulating data of users. Reddit’s IT authorities was criticized following this incident.

What is the reason Reddit has become toxic?

In recent times, Reddit has faced multiple issues, including the removal of the ‘warrant canary’ in 2016, a celebrity photo hack, and disputes with moderators of content. In addition, in 2018, Reddit began tracking users and sharing information with third parties.

Reddit uses this monitoring feature to allow for personalized advertising and personalization, which makes opting out manually essential. Many users are not aware about this setting by default, limiting the ability to opt-out.

It is important that you should be aware the fact that online service companies, telecom service providers and app developers can observe collect, sell, and track your online activities. It is good to know that a reliable VPN service such as ExtremeVPN and ExpressVPN can protect you from third parties who store and sell your personal data.

Use a VPN on Reddit If You want to use the Platform

While Reddit offers certain privacy features however, the site is difficult to limit how much personal information it holds. VPNs have become essential on Reddit as well as other social media platforms because it encrypts your online activity as well as altering the IP address of your computer, as well as enhances your overall security and security. A Reddit VPN permits you to avoid bans and gain access to restricted content in the geo-location.

Reddit can continue to keep track of your location and your account activity, therefore being aware is vital. Make use of a top VPN such as ExtremeVPN to ensure security and security in Reddit. The ExtremeVPN is known for its outstanding security features, privacy and lightning-fast speeds.

What is the difference between Deletion and Deactivation?

Deactivation is a temporary suspension of your account and hiding your account from the public while your information remains on the servers of Reddit. It takes only a few clicks to reinstate. However deletion of your account is an ongoing process which erases the Reddit servers of all data associated to your account, which includes comments and posts.

Deleting or activating your account is contingent on when you’ll return to Reddit next time. Selecting delete is the most appropriate option when you are sure that you won’t return.

What kind of data does Reddit Keep?

Here’s a brief summary of the data Reddit keeps.

  • Account Details Account details consist in your email address user name and profile picture.
  • Activity Information Activity data comprise the voting policy, data stored and the accounts you follow, your voting history, reports submitted, and the communities you’ve been a part of.
  • Transcript History It includes all data related to purchases made through Reddit such as payment method and address for billing.
  • Content Specifications This category includes your posts, chats comments, moderator messages private messages, as well as drafts that you have saved.
  • Personal Information for Users It includes information about your device, its operating system, nature of your browser data, device information including search history and your IP address.
  • Reddit Partners Data Information collected from third-party platforms or approved apps that allow you to connect to you Reddit account. For instance, the data about your demographics taken through advertising partner.
  • Information from cookies and websites This includes tracking your actions, language preferences and other data to make recommendations and ads more personalized.

Reddit accumulates large amounts of information and removes it every three months, with the exception of for IP addresses. But, law requires that they keep postings and comments even after they have deleted the account. Sharing content on Reddit should be done since anyone can read and even post your posts and contributions.

Initial Examination

To guard your privacy, you should take your time and delete all of your Reddit account. Concentrate on these crucial aspects:

  • Reddit does not provide temporary account deletion. So, account deletion is permanent. You can’t make use of this username more than once.
  • Even if you close your account, the comments are still marked as “[deleted[deleted].” However, your comments include personal details about you.
  • Make sure to end any Reddit Premium account, if you already have one.

To request a copy of your Reddit information, visit the request page for data to login, sign in and follow the guidelines and expect receiving your data via an email or private message in 30 days.

How do you delete your Reddit Account?

Here are ways you can use to remove the account on your Reddit account:

To purchase an Reddit Premium Subscription

If you cancel your account, Reddit’s Premium subscription will not expire immediately. You must take the following steps to make sure:

  • If you purchased the subscription with the Apple ID, click Manage Subscriptions in the Apple App Store or Account Settings on your device.
  • Visit Google Play’s Subscriptions page to find out more the details about Google Play subscriptions.
  • To gain access to Reddit Premium under Preapproved Payments Go to Payment Settings after you have logged in using PayPal.
  • To cancel credit card subscriptions for credit card subscriptions, go to and then cancel your subscription by using in the user Settings’ Reddit Premium section.

Removal of Reddit Account from PC

If you’re looking to erase from your Reddit account from your machine, then follow these steps:

Removing Your Comments and Posts

  • Sign in with the account you have created on your Reddit account.
  • To at the top at the top Click Posts below Overview.
  • To open the dropdown menu, select”Delete,” click the “Delete” alternative, simply click those three dots above the post.
  • Click Delete to erase the post. Do similar for comments.

How to Remove Your Reddit Account

  • S User Settings can be found in to the top right-hand corner.
  • Scroll down until the bottom, and then click on to the red Delete account button.
  • When you click the option to delete Account, Reddit will ask you to give a reason behind the removal.
  • After entering your username and password, as well as selecting on the boxes below.
  • Select Delete once more to confirm your choice in this window.
  • To deactivate an account created by using Google or Apple ID, go to the Connected Accounts tab, then select Disconnect next the appropriate account.

Removing Reddit Accounts on mobile Devices

Use these instructions to end your use of the Reddit mobile application:

  • Launch Reddit on your mobile phone. Reddit program on your cell phone.
  • Choose the Settings by pressing to the profile symbol in the upper-left corner.
  • Select and locate Deactivate Account in the settings.
  • Make sure you confirm your choice, justify by entering your password according to the instructions. Then select Deactivate.

Make Updates to your Reddit Privacy Settings

Follow these simple steps to change your privacy settings so you can maintain your account private and restrict data collection

  • Go to your browser to the Reddit website and sign in.
  • Enter your login details in the top right hand corner, and then click on User Settings.
  • Select the Security and Privacy tab.
  • Get rid of any unnecessary settings in the privacy section.

Clean Your Reddit History

Reddit offers the ability to lets you go back in time and review past posts by recording each post you click. But, the history of your posts is visible to other users who access the Reddit account. For your security reasons it is recommended that you periodically erase the history of your Reddit history.

How Do You Clear Your Reddit History on Android

To remove your Reddit account from an Android device follow these steps:

  • Start your Reddit App using your Android smartphone, and then tap the icon of your Avatar in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Select from the History tab.
  • To the top right corner, tap three dots in the upper right corner.
  • To complete the process to complete the procedure, Click Clear History.

Methods to Clear Your Reddit History on iPhone

Follow these steps to get rid of the history of your phone’s Reddit history:

  • Tap your Avatar on the iphone’s top left corner in the Reddit application.
  • Choose the Settings tab on the right.
  • Choose”Clear Local History” from the “Clear Local History” option.

Clean Your Reddit History on PC

Follow these steps to erase your computer’s Reddit history:

  • Log into Your Reddit account and sign in.
  • Select Your User Options from the drop-down menu by clicking on your profile picture.
  • Click on the Profile tab now.
  • Click on the Clear History button after swiping down to open the option.

Some tips on Social Media Security as a Whole

While Reddit is an excellent site, it can cause delays and has privacy issues. This is the case for most social media sites in the present. That’s why using security software like antivirus and VPN is in.

A VPN may secure your private information by changing your privacy settings, such as the deactivation of personal indexing of your search results.

Also, be cautious when going to websites. Certain websites transfer information about users to third-party companies. Make sure you read the privacy guidelines of the social media prior to joining. If you decide to stop accessing your account totally remove your social media account.

The Wrap

Be cautious when sharing your personal details on social media. If you reveal private information, such as your age, gender, who you are living in, your location and what you’ve been up to and activities, you may be at risk of identity being stolen.

Be sure to read the privacy policies of any social media site prior to joining and providing full information. Additionally you can obtain the premium subscription of renowned VPNs such as ExtremeVPN. The VPN alters your privacy settings and restricts the content you share with loved ones.


How fast can I remove my Reddit account?

After you confirm removal, Reddit promptly deletes the account. Your username will appear to appear as “[deleted[deleted]” however, you can still browse your comments and comments.

Does Reddit save your personal information?

Reddit collects data about its users, like browser operating system, browser and IP address. In accordance with Reddit’s privacy policy that all of this data is deleted after a period of 100 days, with the exception of the IP address required for the account’s creation. You can hide your IP address using strong encryption with an VPN such as ExtremeVPN.

What is the difference between Reddit account deactivation and deletion?

Deactivation is basically the same the deletion process in terms of Reddit as well. Reddit doesn’t offer the option of the temporary deactivation of accounts.

Can I completely delete all my Reddit account and history of postings?

Yes You can completely delete your Reddit account and all of your published content. The process of deactivating your account and then manual deletion of your comments and posts are the steps in this procedure.

Are there any restrictions for parents on Reddit?

You can set up Reddit parents’ controls that protect your children from harmful content, online threats and cyberbullying. You can set screen time limits to make sure your children spend only just a few minutes online per day.

Are you able to reactivate your account in the future?

You can sign in to reactivate your account any time after you’ve disabled it. But the deletion is irrevocable, meaning it is impossible to recover your data or your history.

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